Starting your business is going to get easier!

South Africa is an enterprising and entrepreneurial nation… which is why it’s interesting that it can be so tough to do business here. Of all new businesses started in South Africa, nine out of ten of them will close their doors within the first two years. Government grants are talked up but are thin on […]

Earning more isn’t the answer

When it comes to building your wealth, it’s not about how much you make, it’s about how you work with what you have. You do not need a larger paycheck, you only need to invest and use your money wisely. Yes, more money gives you a larger budget to work from but that simply needs […]

Five inspiring quotes from women to up your hustle game

August is traditionally about celebrating women, but we believe every month should honour the strong ladies that make our world go around. Here, courtesy of Investec, are five inspiring tidbits of advice to fire you up for slaying the rest of your work week. Like a (woman) boss. Learn from your mistakes – and everything […]

Four often overlooked steps to reducing financial stress

A lot of people are quite financially stressed right now. It’s understandable – it’s been a hard few years for most of us, and the uphill climb back to a bustling economy, both locally and globally, is far from over yet. Does that mean that we have to be stressed with where SA has been […]

Why we need to remain patient

2019 has been a financially hard year for many and for South Africa. Investors in particular, have seen low returns in a high-risk (election) year after several lean years. In financial climates like this, many panic and thoughts of losing money can lead to impulsively pulling out of investments. In the words of Warren Buffett: […]

Diversifying happiness

The ancient philosopher Aristotle came up with a single word for what every person wants: ‘Eudaimonia’. Eudaimonia means happiness but more than that it alludes to a sense of fulfillment. Many people have viewed financial planning as the management of financial goals and resources. Typical conversations would include questions like: “How much will my assets […]

When it comes to Wills, don’t wing it.

September celebrates National Wills Week, a reminder to us all about the importance and necessity to create a Last Will and Testament. According to recent statistics, only 30% of South Africans have a will – which means that we have to be talking about this a lot more! We have seen countless movies and TV […]

Microsavings: when a little goes a long way

There is a lot of good financial advice out there which goes something like this: ‘you know that money you don’t use every month? Well, take R50,000 and invest it in X now, and you’’ be happy later.’

Sound familiar?

Five awesome things about women investors

It’s Women’s Month, and we’ve been thinking lately about all the ways in which women are wonderful in matters of money.

Women as investors don’t get praised often enough – there’s been an unfortunate stereotype in the past that keeps finances in ‘man territory’. Today, we’d like to honour the ladies in our stock markets and on our shareholders’ boards and count the ways in which they rock and the things male investors can learn from them.

Don’t let market cycles catch you out

If there were a set of commandments for investing, the first commandment may well be this: know your seasons.

Just like a surfer or fisherman know the tides of their favourite spots, prudent investors know the market cycles.